Scavenger Hunt with Robyn Smith: Lisa Greer’s Moonlight on the Palms

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Note: Please join us in the Scavenger Hunt for books and prizes! If you want to be a part of it, you must email Robyn Smith to get the required question sheet!

Now, here’s the interview…

Moonlight on the Palms by Lisa Greer

Interview with Astrid Kent, the heroine of the novel:
What has your life been like lately?
Answer: Pretty crazy. My mother died, and we weren’t on speaking terms because she stole the man I loved from me eleven years ago. I had to go down to Brownsville, Texas and take care of her affairs.
Wow. That sounds like a mess. How did it go once you got there?
Answer: Not so well. My mother’s ghost showed up along with Juan Marquez, my lover from the past. Little did I know, he had married my mother after I left town years ago.
So, are you going to give him another chance?
Answer: I don’t know. I’m a little afraid of him. I think he might be into the drug trade. I mean, he’s a doctor by day, but I just don’t trust him. He’s a hunk, but there’s also this other guy, Manfred Banes.
A love triangle then?
Answer: Sort of. Manfred was my mother’s painting partner. He’s Juan’s opposite in just about every way. If you like long blond hair and inscrutable motives, that’s him.
What’s your childhood home like?
Gothic and spooky. Having my mother’s ghost around doesn’t help matters. Her coconut perfume wafts around the house, and she has scared me more than once since I’ve been back home.
Well, I wish you luck with all that. What do you plan to do after you get the mess sorted out?
Answer: Head back to Seattle if I can just figure out why people are prowling around the grounds of
my childhood home La Casa de la Luz and what my mother’s secrets were.
Question to Answer: Where is Moonlight on the Palms set?

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