Release Day for Moonlight on the Palms

My second gothic romance novel is here– Moonlight on the Palms. If you like Southern settings, a sultry and twisted but sweet romance, and a mystery, I think you’ll enjoy it. Read on to learn more about the novel, and if you’d like post a comment to be entered to win either an e-book copy of the novel or a print copy (in 6 weeks or so). You can state your preference when you enter, and post your email address so I can contact you. The contest is open until Thursday, June 23rd  at 12am CST.

About the novel
29 year-old professor of Modern Literature Astrid Kent is enjoying her summer in Seattle when she gets a call that catapults her back into her sordid past. Her mother, famous artist Maeve Garza Kent, has died suddenly back in Brownsville, Texas, and Astrid has inherited her home and other belongings–including an ex-lover in residence.

Astrid goes reluctantly back to her childhood home, La Casa de la Luz. She soon realizes the house and grounds have secrets when her mother’s ghost appears to her, she finds a letter and a coded note that say “trust no one,” and she sees someone prowling around at night. Matters are complicated since Astrid is drawn to two men who spend time at La Casa: Manfred Banes, a painter with looks just as Nordic and chilly as his personality and the dark and driven Juan Marquez who broke her heart years before and is rumored to be in the drug trade. Astrid must determine whom she can trust before present events spiral beyond her control.

      What  a  strange  thought,  but  the  death  of  her  mother  and  the  return  to  this  house  was  doing  funny  things  to  her  head.   The   house   had   rarely   ever   been   this   quiet   during   her  childhood   or   teenage   years.   Her   mother   was   always   entertaining  someone,   even   during   the   period   of   mourning   for   her   father.   Of  course,  that  period  had  lasted  little  more  than  six  months  before  her  mother   was   sleeping   with   another   man.   Frowning,   Astrid   tried   to  shake  the  feelings  of  loneliness  and  sudden  anger  off  as  she  stood  up  to  take  her  plate  to  the  sink.
    A   voice   behind   her   made   the   plate   wobble   in   her   hands   as
she  barely  got  it  to  the  sink  on  time.  It  slid  into  the  sink  with  a  clink
as  she  whirled  toward  the  open  space  between  the  kitchen  and  the
sitting   room,   leaning   against   the   black,   marble   countertop   for
   “Hello,   Astrid.   It’ʹs   been   a   while.”   Juan   Marquez,   her
unfaithful  lover,  stood  leaning  against  the  lime  green  wall.

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  1. I would love an e-book please! Can't wait to read it. If I win, you can contact me through Facebook. =)

  2. Sounds very intriguing and I'd love to be entered in your contest for the print book. One grammar comment….I found the term in the 2nd paragraph under Excerpt…"she barely got it to the sink ON TIME"….odd. It sounds as if she had a time deadline to meet. I've heard the term "in time" to mean "before something happens" (like maybe dropping the plate!) I might be mistaken….just a comment. Thank you for posting the excerpt.

  3. Barbara, :), maybe that will be one of the only funny phrases. I can say that this novel got revised and rewritten to within an inch of its life in terms of ideas, content, grammar, everything. I'm not sure about the on time and in time. At this point, my brain is a blob from rereading and rewriting so much in the last couple weeks. I would usually say in time in that case, too. Thanks for entering!

  4. Amy, you won the e-book. Barbara, you won print or e-book. Just let me know which you prefer. :)Thanks for posting!

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