Lizzie T. Leaf: Sometimes We Need a Break

I’m pleased to have fellow romance author Lizzie T. Leaf on the blog today. She has several romance novels out and several more re-releases and new releases on the way. Take it away, Lizzie!


One of the things I most admire is authors who are prolific. Those who seem to have a book release every few weeks, or at least several books a year. There once was a time I fell into the several books a year category, but not recently.

I hit a slump with writing in December. Not a “gee, I have no idea on what to write” slump, or the “story just isn’t coming to me” period. Nope, I had (have) all the ideas and stories screaming for attention in my head, but I chose to ignore them. Sort of like when the kids are fighting again and you’ve heard it so often its background noise…that kind of ignore.

Not being productive in an area I normally love to escape into isn’t my proudest moment, but when life comes at you from all fronts and wears you down something has to give. In my case it became the writing. Even the love notes from my editor on the new book didn’t spur me into a burning desire to respond. It reached the point she suggested I take a break from edits and writing. Taking her advice, I did…to the point I can’t stay on break any longer.

The need to create came screaming back, the voices in my head louder in their need for attention and my fingers are itching for words to flow again.

So maybe some of us need a break. When we hit those periods where life makes production difficult instead of beating up on ourselves, what if we take a deep breath and go with the flow. Allow the time to be kind to us without guilt. Because if we don’t our muse gets really bitchy and uncooperative.

To all of you who never experience situations of this sort, I admire you and confess to being a little green with envy. For those who like me hit the wall occasionally, remember take the break you need. Letting you love you will get you back on track a lot faster…at least that’s the way it works in my world.

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