Things that Keep Me Up at Night…

Happy Labor Day, everyone. I’m bleary eyed.

It’s way too early in the morning, and I’m still up because of something I read at midnight. My sister-in-law (thanks Shannon for calling and Sandy for posting!) tagged me with this article: Deborah Kennedy’s write up on Amish fiction, “Amish fiction: Put a bonnet on it.”

Kennedy gave my story a mention: “…and my personal favorite, Lisa Greer’s thriller, Blood on Her Bonnet.” The cover for Blood on Her Bonnet is there, too, in the accompanying montage. Todd Jeffries is the mastermind behind the cover art. It’s truly creepy, and I love the heroine’s expression. It’s one of my favorite covers out of all the great covers I have.

I had a rough week last week for several reasons, and I can’t think of anything better than seeing this. I love Salon, and I enjoy reading Glenn Greenwald’s pieces regularly. It’s my kind of magazine all around. It’s nice to get that little extra boost sometimes, isn’t it?

Thanks for reading and for sharing a few minutes of my happiness induced insomnia. Here’s the image from the article… Image

**(Credit: Jorge Moro via Shutterstock/Salon)

If you’re interested in reading the book or any of my bonnet romances, take a look at my Books page for all the info. Thanks!


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  1. I am so happy for you, and I hope the article sends a flood of readers your way. Congratulations, Lisa.

  2. Thanks, Todd! Wasn’t possible without you. 🙂 This book is my bestseller of all my books (you just never know which one it will be).

    It is funny. I’d noticed a sudden uptick in sales of BoHB over the past couple days. I get Google alerts, but I haven’t gotten one for the article yet. I searched to see if it was being used for someone’s book club or something. Nada. Then I found out why. 😉

  3. Congratulations! I hope this brings more readers in as well!

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