New Release: Shadowed by Evil

It’s that time of year where the air gets cooler, and you imagine things lurking in the darkness that aren’t there…or are they?

Just in time for Halloween, my latest gothic romance, Shadowed by Evil, is out now in e-book (for just .99 this week) and in print.

I like to say my favorite book is the one I’m writing at the moment, but this one does hold a special place on my virtual and home bookshelf. Part of the reason for that is I’ve long been enthralled with gothic romances set in Mexico and the like. Barbara Michaels and others sparked my interest in these spooky locales. Whether there are drug smugglers involved, wrathful gods awakened in their tombs, or cursed and buried treasure in the mix, these novels fascinate me. And in the case of Shadowed by Evil, history inspires fiction.

When I began thinking about writing a story set in Mexico, I stumbled upon the tale of  a U.S. Consul to Mexico—the first in fact—and what he did there…and the book was born. A large part of Edward Herbert Thompson’s story is included in the novel, and much of what I’ve written of it is true. Here’s an image of him near the Sacred Cenote, dredging for treasure:

Not only is Thompson’s story sad and inspiring, but also something about shadowy ruins and ancient gods who love blood sacrifices just works—at least it does for me. The other reason this book is dear to me is that my sister Laura Craig drew the impressionist pyramid under the blazing sunset. Here’s more about the book:

In the shadow of a pyramid, a serpent god waits, and an ancient evil lives on…

The last thing historian Priscilla Mars expects to find in the mailbox is a letter from her arrogant, cheating ex, Dalton Mooring, begging her for a visit on his deathbed. With her PhD in hand and no job on the horizon, she sets off for Mexico and the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza.

When she arrives, Priscilla realizes that all is not what it seems. Dalton’s true motives come to light—to win Priscilla’s heart back and find a legendary treasure with her help—and Dalton’s estranged wife, Anjelica, erupts in a show of jealousy. Meanwhile, attempts on her life convince Priscilla that someone wants her dead. To complicate matters, Dalton’s local rival, the troubled Kent Sterling, warns her against Dalton and threatens to steal her heart the closer she gets to him.

Even as she is haunted by visions of the scaly, fearsome serpent god Kukulkan hovering over the sacred waters of the ruins, Priscilla must unravel the mysteries of Chichen Itza and find out whom she can trust.

Buy It Here for just .99 this week…



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