Winners of the blog hop!

These are results for the prizes I gave away. The big Musa prizes were announced at The Romance Reviews earlier.:

1. Latisha D–You won the Montmoors serials. 🙂

2. Dawna Newman–You won copies of She Walks the Shore and Pointe of Danger

3. Sepia Stories–You won a copy of Secrets of Summerspelle in e-book.

4. Jansurban–You won a signed copy of Secrets of Summerspelle in print.

5. Jacquelyn Gay–bookmarks and any of my print books. I think Shadowed by Evil will work. 😉

To claim your prize, please email me within 72 hours and let me know which format you would like if you won an e-book. If you won a print book, email me with your address, please. Thanks! (lisalgreer at yahoo

dot com).

Thanks to all for hopping! If you like gothic romance, join me at my other blog to win other books:


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  1. Yea!!! Thank you so much – just sent you the email!

  2. By the way, so cool the book is set in Alabama, and I live in Alabama!

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