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Shadows over Cypresswood Release Day!

Hope you are having a wonderful day! Today is release day for Shadows over Cypresswood! Grab your copy today for $0.99!

When 42 year old behavior analyst Kate Lockbee loses everything in a fire, including her husband, she responds to a strange ad online, hoping for a fresh start.

Soon, she finds herself traveling to Louisiana to Cypresswood, an old plantation home in the Atchafalaya Basin to be the therapist for a young child with autism. When she meets the girl’s father, the scarred Young Winstone, who catches and sells alligators for a living, she is attracted to him but loathe to get involved after her recent loss. When a murder occurs on the property, she realizes someone is trying to harm him and his daughter. Can she protect them both and solve the mystery before something terrible happens?

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Magnolian Update

Magnolian is now available at your favorite eBook store. First published in 2011 by Siren Bookstrand, Magnolian is a suspensful read that I am sure you will enjoy.

What secrets does the estate of Magnolian hide, and what is the young black man’s ghost trying to tell Lillian before it’s too late?

When her father dies, college dropout Lillian Mullins steels herself for a future of nothing special in Pittsburgh. An invitation to Magnolian holds promise, but nightmares, ghosts, and murder threaten to derail her attempt to get a life. Lillian heads to the South, leaving Donovan Ross, an angst ridden potential lover, behind. After she finds her mother’s old journal at Magnolian and learns a shocking secret, Lillian resolves to find out what happened nearly forty years ago to her mother’s African American lover, Samson Jones.

Mysterious accidents and threats make her wonder whom she can trust: her enigmatic distant cousin Willoughby Tate, who is running his father’s gubernatorial campaign, her Aunt Lorelei, who warns of a dire future, the ghost who beckons her in the night, or her father’s voice in the recurring dream that will not let Lillian rest.

New Release! Preorder Up!

Exciting news! I have another book up for you.

Shadows Over Cypresswood is set in Louisiana. Kate Lockbee finds herself tutoring a young autisic child. She discovers someone is trying to hurt the child and her father. Kate feels like she has to protect them by discovering who and why they are out to harm them, before something terrible happens.

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