Northeastern Gothic Mysteries Audio Books

Audio books are still books, gasp!!! I know! Many readers argue that audio books are “cheating”.

Audio books are a marvel. You can still “read” your favorite authors while cleaning, cooking, driving, crafting, etc…

Reading is time consuming. If you are like me you have a list of things to be done and not enough time to do it all. Listening to books while doing chores or enjoying two hobbies such as gardening and reading, kills two birds with one stone.

If you are ready for a new adventure, check out the Northeastern Gothic Mysteries series availabe on audio. Click on the cover to visit to get your copy.

Teacher Morgan Peers has gone from living a tough life to becoming an heiress nearly overnight. When she inherits Woodmere Manor in the Hudson Valley in New York from her estranged father, she makes big plans for the future, but the past still holds sway over the fog shrouded mansion. Morgan begins to question her sanity when she sees a ghost and learns about the tortured history of the house, and its five tower rooms.

To complicate matters, two men make it difficult to listen to her own heart. Owen Long, the estate caretaker, offers friendship and understanding while Noel Crimson, a local priest with a tragic past of his own, haunts her thoughts. And time is running out because someone or something wants Morgan dead. Morgan must figure out if man or spirit haunts Woodmere Manor if she is going to save her life and find love.

What message does the ghostly young woman at Stormcliffe have for new mother Amelia, and will her past come back to kill her?

Amelia Bronson has finally found her dream home and life with her husband Bard and their new baby, Lottie. But Stormcliffe harbors dark secrets. What is the crying in the night that Amelia hears, and who is the menacing woman in black who roams the halls of the old mansion?

While her husband Bard grows ever more distant for reasons she can’t understand, Amelia must learn the secrets of Stormcliffe and how they relate to the horrors of her own past. Otherwise, she might not have a future.

He wants her to be his bride, but Whispering House warns of treachery and danger….

Taking care of Auntie Cate should be an easy job until she finds something permanent, recent college graduate Emerson McGrath thinks, but she didn’t bargain for the spooky, stone house in the middle of the wilds of Western Pennsylvania or its mysteries. A house that creaks and groans at every turn is the last thing she needs in her lifelong battle with crippling anxiety. Local Dr. Colin Strozik catches her eye with his kindness and strength, but can he be trusted? And what about her aunt’s late husband and his nephew, Rory Bendice, and the binding phrase in her uncle’s will about his marriage and the inheritance of the house?

Emerson will have to solve the mysteries of Whispering House before someone – or something – silences her for good.

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