Do you have a passion-one you might have kept secret for a long time? I do. Earning an M.A. in literature only brought my favorite things into sharper view. My passion is gothic romance: reviewing it and writing it. If you like romance that will make you quiver and a hint of the supernatural to make you shudder, you’re in the right place.

Oh, of course I do a lot of other things like teach and tutor English, edit, and wrangle with an almost nine-year-old daughter and her mad scientist father. But whenever I can, I write gothic romance reminiscent of the early authors of the genre. It’s just that my heroines have cell phones and Facebook-unless I’m writing historicals, of course. I’ve penned a couple regular romances, but my characters usually want graveyards, murder, mouldering ancestral mansions, and isolated spaces. My Hutterite gothic romance, “Blood on Her Bonnet,” was featured in Salon.com’s books section on September 1, 2012. Recently, a trailer for the Sorrowmoor kickstarter I’m doing was highlighted in USA Today’s HEA column.

So, curl up in your chair and stay a while. Go ahead and grab a free read when you sign up for my newsletter.

Thanks for spending part of your day with me.


Sites I Love

Gothic Sites:

The Midnight Room: Psychological gothic fiction author Barrymore Tebbs’ writes about film, fiction and art in the Gothic realm.

Gothic Romance Forum: Like gothic romance? Check ’em out.

Southern Gothic Photography by Juliette Lee Adams: Spooky snaps I’m partial to because most were taken in Alabama. (Facebook: Juliette Adams, Photgrapher)

Gothic Heroine: Fun page of writings about the Gothic genre.

Visions of Purgatory: David E. Cowen’s fabulous photographs of Old City Cemetery in Galveston, Texas. (Facebook: David E. Cowen)

Artists and Writers’ Sites:

Matthew Lee Adams:  Paranormal and urban fantasy author and a great guy.

Martin Bodenham:  Martin Bodenham is a writer of financial thriller novels.

Rhea Rhodan: Romance with a Twist of Magic, a Touch of the Paranormal.

June Kramin: Author Women’s Fiction ~Romance/Suspense/Thriller/Time Travel

Cynthia Vespia:  Author of Thrills and Chills

Elaine Cantrell: Hope. Dreams. Life… Love

Lou Marchetti: Lou’s classic romance and gothic romance covers are on display. One of his classic covers graces the e-book version of Come to the Tower, Love.

On Publishing and Writing:

Kristine Kathryn Rusch: A great blog from a writer who has made her living at writing for some time. She talks self publishing and negotiating with legacy publishers. Must read for writers.


If you’re looking for reviews of gothic romance and gothic novels past and present, start here. I think you’ll find hours of fun and enlightenment. Join the conversation! If you are interested in doing a guest review of a favorite gothic novel, just let me know. I love guest bloggers!

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