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The Montmoors (historical gothic romance serial series)

Serials 1-8 are soon to be republished as a collection. Serials 9-15 are available here:

The Harmonists (Historical Romance)


Delia Daugherty Serials

 Menace At Mistwood  Lady of the Lighthouse
Whispers Beneath the Waves The Haunted Dunes
Ghosts of the Past Delia Daugherty Omnibus: Serials 1-5

Contemporary Romance


The Hutterites (Gothic Romance)

 Blood on Her Bonnet  Blood on Snowflakes

Amish Romance (Gothic Romance)

 Cries from the Past

Contemporary Gothic Romance

Menace Under the Mistletoe To Summon the Darkness
Come to the Tower, Love
She Walks the Shore–Coming soon in republished


Moonlight on the Palms Magnolian
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