Blood on Her Bonnet

Blood on Her BonnetWhen Hutterite teacher Charity Grath sets her sights on handsome widower Matthew Weiss, she doesn’t know the death of his first wife could spell danger for her. When ghostly visitations and a mysterious letter turn her world upside down, whom can she trust, and who is keeping secrets that kill?

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Proserpine Craving Books: “Wow, my first ever story by Lisa Greer and I like it! This Story is full of suspense, mystery and weird things!
The main character is lovely: Charity could be a greater heroine in a long length story, a bit naive, but I think it because it’s a short story!
Matthew is charismatic and seems to be very attractive and intriguing… Well written, the author (Lisa Greer) really got me with this story! Great plot! Unsuspected ending like I love them!”

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