Craigmorag Castle Series

Veronica Lane lands the book deal of her life; the only catch is that she must live in Ireland for three months to write it, leaving her dying father behind in New York City in 1965.

When Veronica arrives at Craigmorag Castle, she finds that the forboding estate is full of secrets. Her employer, the Duke of Craigmorag, Finn McGrath, is engaged to be married but is still grieving over his dead wife, Isla, whom he believes was murdered. When he asks Veronica to help him solve the mystery of his wife’s murder, she soon realizes she’s in danger. A tragedy pulls her back to New York City and further complicates her plans. Veronica is torn between her career and Finn McGrath. Will Veronica be able to help put Isla McGrath’s ghost to rest and win the man she loves, too?

When 19 year-old Lynette Rosewood winds up pregnant and unwed, she travels to Ireland from America to have her baby and give it up for adoption at her mother’s behest.

At her aunt’s home in Ireland, Craigmorag Castle, she finds danger and romance. Her cousin Roan McGrath attracts her with his dark good looks and soft side, but he spends too much time in the stables and is a self destructive recluse. Nevertheless, he and Lynette build a bond, and he encourages her to make her own choices about her child. Soon, Lynette decides she is going to keep her baby, no matter what it takes. She realizes her and her baby are in danger from an unknown enemy. Will Lynette be able to keep her child and find love with Roan?

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