Dartmoor Gothics

Haunting of Ravenmoor House

Elinor Campbell comes to Ravenmoor House a poor governess, relying on charity, but Lord Ravenmoor wants her hand in marriage…

When she awakens in the arms of a stranger in Dartmoor, Elinor Campbell is afraid, but to a young woman from the bustling streets of London, the sinister Ravenmoor estate and the lonely moors are even more menacing than the enigmatic man who has taken her in…and who presses her for her hand in marriage.

Due to the death of her parents, impoverished 19 year-old Elinor Campbell has been taken in by relatives she has never met at Ravenmoor House. Emory Fallon, the Lord of Ravenmoor and owner of a local tin mine is a troubled recluse, haunted by ghosts no one else can see. He and his brothers take Elinor in as governess to the youngest brother, Edmund, but the house is foreboding with strange sounds in the night, cold spots, and apparitions. Elinor learns that someone or something will do anything to make sure his or her secrets are kept.

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