Ghosts of the Past

Ghosts of the PastMurder sometimes strikes too close to home…

When Delia Daugherty finds out that her mother’s best friend Sam Hall has been murdered, she leaves Destin, Florida and returns home to Pennsylvania a few days before Christmas.

Meanwhile, a phone call from someone in her recent past leaves her wondering if she can return to Mistwood and Maine where she lost the man she loved months before. But first, she must solve the mystery of Sam’s murder during a harrowing blizzard that traps her at his house. Does Charlie Hall, Sam’s possibly sociopathic nephew and heir, know what happened, and who is the shadowy figure that haunts her every step in the house?

** This is a serial of 5650 words. It is the last (of five total) in the Delia Daugherty series at the moment, but who knows what the new year might bring? An omnibus of the collected serials is coming out in August, 2012.


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