Lady of the Lighthouse

Lady of the LighthouseThis is serial 2 in a gothic romance series with a heroine for young adults or adults. You can jump in anywhere and start reading.

Delia Daugherty is on an isolated island in Maine, and a killer may be on the loose. Whom can she trust–the handsome, Greek Petros Stanford or his cousin, billionaire Jolyon Stanford?

After Petros’ shocking claim about his cousin Jolyon’s role in a murder, Delia isn’t sure whom to believe. When a ghost walks at night, the tension rises. Her job at Mistwood is coming to an end as two men volley for her love. Will a night of romance end in tragedy, or can the ghosts of the past be put to rest for good?

**This story is 6100 words. Expect serial #3 in 3 to 6 weeks.

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#1: Menace at Mistwood

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