Menace at Mistwood

Menace At MistwoodA new gothic romance heroine for Young Adult and Adult readers–in serial format. You can jump in anywhere in the set and start reading!

Twenty-year-old Delia Daugherty has just inherited her mother’s business… and a lot more.

When she receives her first business contract as the new Library Lady, Delia Daugherty finds herself with a first class plane ticket to House Island, a mysterious fog bound destination off the coast of Maine. Her employer, Jolyon Stanford III, is enigmatic and mercurial, and the house surrounds her with its secrets.

When Jolyon’s handsome cousin Petros Stanford invites her on a moonlit walk, she is forced to confront a frightening possibility that will make her isolation on House Island all too real.

**The next Delia installment will be out in 3-6 weeks. Expect haunted houses, ghosts, complicated sweet and sensual romance, secret chambers, old diaries, family graveyards, murder, and other elements of gothic romance as the serials roll out.

This story is 6625 words.

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