Menace Under the Mistletoe

Just because it’s Christmas time doesn’t mean her personal demons will give her a holiday.

Successful thirty-something lawyer Lambert Dowling has a nasty, dark secret. She’s bulimic. A visit to see her dying Aunt Moonie at her estate, Monthaus, in the hills of Tennessee, is just the Christmas getaway she needs to recover—finally.

But meeting Rochester Spence changes her plans. The hot psychiatrist sees right through her, and the chemistry between the pair is explosive. When a snow storm leaves Rochester, Lambert, Aunt Moonie, and a medium and friend of her aunt’s, Deveron Quest, housebound, ghosts walk. Someone’s roaming the sinister halls of Monthaus, ready to kill for Aunt Moonie’s fortune. Is Lambert’s heart safe with Rochester, or is it dollar signs he sees in her eyes?

This is a Christmas gothic romance novella of 11,350 words. If you enjoy this story, you might also like my other Christmas gothic romance novella, Pointe of Danger.

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