The Harmonists

A Hidden Desire

From the bestselling author of Blood on Her Bonnet and other Amish, Hutterite, and bonnet romances… Lisa Greer. Lisa lived near the setting of this novel years ago and was fascinated with the Harmonists then after touring Harmony. Her interest in the Christian Pietist group finally blossomed into research and a story based on actual happenings and changes to the religious group.

When devout Harmonist Gretchen Hahn meets newcomer to Economy Society, Callum MacNair, can she hold on to her heart and her convictions?

It’s 1831, and changes are coming to Economy Society, a successful settlement of the Harmonists–a Christian Pietist group near Pittsburgh. Gretchen Hahn, a master seamstress and silk expert in the community is hardly aware of the battle raging between those who wish the society to remain one of celibacy and those who want marriage and modernity. When Callum MacNair, a man of the world, and his family join the Society, will midnight walks in the maze and his plans for her derail Gretchen’s life in the only community she has known?

This is a novella of 11500 words and will be first in a series of at least two stories. This novella stands alone and can be read alone. An excerpt from Blood on Her Bonnet (a Hutterite gothic romance story) is included at the end. The total is 13000 words.

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