The Montmoors 1: The Governess and the Master

The Montmoors 1: The Governess and the MasterIn a castle by the cliffs of Cornwall, love and obsession await…

When penniless Catherine Roth answers a letter for a governess position in the isolated castle of Lord Andrew Montmoor, she has no idea that madness, obsession, and secrets await her.

Andrew Montmoor is ugly and isolated, but Catherine finds herself drawn to him even as she seeks to help with sickly nephew, Cullen. His Gothic horror of an estate and the secrets that call to her make her time there nearly unbearable. What happened to Andrew’s sister, and will the family mausoleum or her diary reveal it? Just as Catherine is falling for Andrew, a new danger reveals itself, and Catherine’s heart is swept up in the tumult.

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The Governess and the Master Trailer


Lulu B ( 5 stars– According to the author’s blog, this is the first installment in a serial historical gothic story. In this mere 23 pages, the author sets a dark, delicious tone and I simpy can’t wait for the next installment, which is apparently due out in late June 2012… I’ll cetainly continue this serial because I’m anxious to find out what happens next.

Angela S. (Rating: Fantastic, Musa Publishing site)– This is a dark and delicious start in an 1830’s Yorkshire set gothic. There is tension between Catherine and Andrew and lots of unanswered questions that beg to be addressed in future installments. I can’t wait to find out what happens next.

Single Title: “Lisa Greer writes with just the right amount of description for the reader to visualize as Catherine explores the Gothic castle. She is there as a governess, but treated as a guest, which adds to her unsettled feeling about her new role. Andrew Montmoor is extremely intriguing. His moods change in an instant and yet the reader is drawn to him along with Catherine. He seems to pop up everywhere Catherine ventures, which is both disturbing and endearing at the same time.  I cannot wait to read the second installment to continue this story!”


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