To Summon the Darkness

To Summon the DarknessIs he haunted by his dead wife or the devil himself?

Ella Dolan’s time might be running out. Recently diagnosed with cancer, she’s thinking about what she wants to do while she still has time. And on that list is getting to know Dan Amberton, the mysterious, reclusive heir of a hilltop estate in the sleepy Alabama town of Amberton. His cousin and school principal, John Turner, warns her away from Dan, but Ella can’t resist riding by his house on her way to teach each morning.

Dan Amberton knows about loss. His wife Jenna died a year before of cancer, and someone or something is haunting him. When Ella visits his home, Evermore, she is pulled in to the mystery and the tension of being with Dan. A missing wig, a violent act, and strange noises in the night make her wonder if Dan himself is playing tricks on her—or could the house really be the dwelling place of the devil himself?

Available from in print (let me know if you want an autographed copy!) and e-book from:
Amazon US
Amazon UK


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