Whispers Beneath the Waves

Whispers Beneath the WavesCollege dropout and owner of The Library Lady, Delia Daugherty has survived the fallout at House Island in Maine with cousins Jolyon and Petros Stanford. Confused and grieving, she returns home, but there is little time for mourning.

Beau Benton, a handsome golf course manager and wealthy man in Destin, Florida, hires her to design and fill his library at his beach front house, Gulf Goddess. But all is not well. Beau’s schizophrenic twin, Belle, claims to hear voices while Breeze Benton, the other sibling, warns of a local young woman who met a dire end. Whom can Delia believe, and what are the whispers beckoning her in the night?

This serial is a contemporary gothic romance story. It is 7050 words. A new serial will be released in 4-6 weeks. You can jump in anywhere and read. If you enjoy this work, you might also like

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