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On Ballet and Books: Pointe of Danger is up for pre-order now

Some of you might know this, and others don’t. I danced for many years from about age 4 on all the way through college: ballet, tap, jazz, and modern dance. My favorite type of dance was and is ballet. I still do arabesques and spin around the house, too, and enjoy a good chance to hit the dance floor at a party. From my years in the dance studio and on stage, I learned much about grace and discipline and the strength it takes ballerinas and male ballet dancers to pull off the lovely moves in a recital or ballet performance.

I knew a ballerina would be a strong, interesting heroine for a gothic romance, and Neve Warren came to me as a character shortly after a recent trip to Ocean City, Maryland. In fact, the story begins on the boardwalk there. The details came together easily since I enjoy writing about subjects I’m familiar with. My past classes dancing en pointe with lamb’s wool between my toes and the toe box of my shoes came in handy for this story.

Pointe of Danger, my next release from Musa Publishing is up for pre-order right now. Oh, and it’s also a Christmas story that should bring to mind sparkling red tutus, The Nutcracker, and sugar plum fairies.

I hope you’ll take a look at it and that it might inspire you to do the art you love whether it’s dance, writing, drawing, photography, painting, or any number of other options.

More about the book:

When Neve Warren finds an old pair of pointe shoes, a dangerous obsession from the past threatens to replay itself in her present.

Neve Warren, an injured ballerina, is spending the Christmas season in Ocean City, Maryland. Panic attacks and fears about her violent ex-boyfriend, Joshua Payne, challenge her attempt at recovery. After being followed one night on the local boardwalk, she realizes the past is never far behind.

Cam London, a police officer with his own troubled history, collides with Neve, literally, that night. When Neve finds out the history of the house she is renting and that the threats of the past coincide eerily with those of the present, can Cam keep her safe? And will Neve put the ghosts of the house to rest?

Read an excerpt at the publisher’s site and pre-order your copy…