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I’m adding this section to clear up a few things and to answer questions you might have. First, let’s get the unpleasant parts of out of the way.

If you think of other questions, send them along, and I’ll add them to the page. If you’re a fellow writer and want to contact me about your book, please read.

1. Will you read my book I’m writing/have written/have started and give me feedback?  I’m sorry, but no. While I have done this in the past, my current schedule of family, work, and writing won’t allow for it. Also, there are legal issues inherent in reading someone’s book this way. I suggest you get into a writers’ group and have people read your work or hire an editor.

2. Will you edit my book/walk me through the process of publishing or doctor my book and help me write it? No. I edit only for writers I’ve already taken on and a publisher I work for. I just don’t have the time. Besides, if I doctor your book like that, it would be really expensive. 🙂

3. My friend has written this book, will you read it? No again. Please don’t ask.

4. Will you tell me how to get published or what I should do now? No, part of being a writer is learning to fend for yourself. That means you need to get savvy—fast. If you’re looking for information of that sort, there are plenty of blogs out there that cover all the details. Do a Google search. Read some of The Writing Life blog posts on this site.  Be your own advocate.

Ah, now on to more pleasant things!

5. Where do you get your ideas? Everywhere. From stories, dreams, things I think about, characters that talk to me. It’s all fair game.

6. Would you do a signing, book talk, or event for our group? With pleasure if I’m able to. Just contact me with the details. (lisalgreer at yahoo dot com)

7. How can I buy your books? I have links to all that are available under the Books page. Over time, I’m adding more direct buy links to .pdf version. Buying from the publisher or from those links (for my self pubbed works) really helps me most as an author.

8. Could you sign a copy of your book and mail it to me? With pleasure! Just contact me and let me know where to send it and we’ll work out the details of payment.

9. I’d really like to review your book. Could you send me a copy? The answer is likely yes. Just contact me.

10. I’m dealing with extreme financial hardship, but would like a copy of X book you wrote. Is there anything you can do? Yes, just contact me, and we can work something out.

Do you have another burning question? Email me at lisalgreer at yahoo dot com



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