Sites I Love

Gothic Sites:

The Midnight Room: Psychological gothic fiction author Barrymore Tebbs’ writes about film, fiction and art in the Gothic realm.

Gothic Romance Forum: Like gothic romance? Check ’em out.

Southern Gothic Photography by Juliette Lee Adams: Spooky snaps I’m partial to because most were taken in Alabama. (Facebook: Juliette Adams, Photgrapher)

Gothic Heroine: Fun page of writings about the Gothic genre.

Visions of Purgatory: David E. Cowen’s fabulous photographs of Old City Cemetery in Galveston, Texas. (Facebook: David E. Cowen)

Artists and Writers’ Sites:

Matthew Lee Adams:  Paranormal and urban fantasy author and a great guy.

Martin Bodenham:  Martin Bodenham is a writer of financial thriller novels.

Rhea Rhodan: Romance with a Twist of Magic, a Touch of the Paranormal.

June Kramin: Author Women’s Fiction ~Romance/Suspense/Thriller/Time Travel

Cynthia Vespia:  Author of Thrills and Chills

Elaine Cantrell: Hope. Dreams. Life… Love

Lou Marchetti: Lou’s classic romance and gothic romance covers are on display. One of his classic covers graces the e-book version of Come to the Tower, Love.

On Publishing and Writing:

Kristine Kathryn Rusch: A great blog from a writer who has made her living at writing for some time. She talks self publishing and negotiating with legacy publishers. Must read for writers.


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