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Sorrowmoor Kickstarter! Help Fund Historical Gothic Romance Serials for just a Buck…or More

Sorrowmoor Kickstarter! Help Fund Historical Gothic Romance Serials for just a Buck…or More.

Cover Art Reveal– The Montmoors 2: The Bastard Returns

I know. It’s large, but I wanted you to see the shadowy guy in here. I got some awesome cover art from Kelly Shorten and the folks over at Musa Publishing. Their first concept was perfect. I had no tweaks. I love it when minds meld like that. Without further ado, here it is, releasing June 29th, following Montmoors 1: The Governess and the Master that is out now.

What Scares You?

Since I have a new release today and it’s a spooky, historical¬†gothic romance that kicks off a set of like serials, the idea of what scares people has been in my head. What makes your heart beat faster and your skin crawl? When do you sleep with the light on?

I tried to come up with a short list of things and situations that scare me. Here’s it is, in no particular order:

spiders, snakes, bugs, clowns, ghosts (yes, I do believe in them after coming into contact with more than one), isolated places, the woods at night, empty buildings after dark (alone), being alone (some nights when hubby is traveling), cemeteries after dusk (I love them during the day!), being locked into a mausoleum or other place of the dead.

Now you know I’m nuts. You might just have suspected before.

And then there are life events that scare me like being in an accident that takes away my current ability to live as I do or some harm coming to someone I love. Or death. That one doesn’t scare me these days, but some people have a huge fear of it.

Whew. This is getting a bit deep. Big, scary life events aside, I don’t think it’s surprising that snakes, ghosts, locked mausoleums, and other elements make their way into gothic romance or my gothic romances in general. These are common fears of humankind, and some are quite logical. After all, snakes and spiders can kill, and so can clowns. Joking–sort of. So, what are you afraid of? I’d love to know.

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