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Moonlight on the Palms is coming in May from Astraea Press!

I have more exciting news. My second gothic romance novel, Moonlight on the Palms, is coming from Astraea Press at the end of May in e-book format and then in print.

I’m looking forward to working with Astraea. Their house specializes in sweet romances, and I love the cover art they do!

More about Moonlight on the Palms:
Astrid Kent, a 29 year-old English professor in Seattle, gets a phone call in which her painful past is resurrected. She reluctantly returns to her home in Brownsville after her mother’s death. When she arrives at La Casa de la Luz, she finds herself caught up in a whirlwind of danger involving her mother’s ghost and a dark secret. Her mother’s words in a letter to “trust no one” become all too real as she must choose between two men competing for her heart and stay alive as the past threatens to undo the present.


These are the winners of the contest. I chose six and gave out three e-books instead of two. 🙂 If you won a prize that needs to be mailed, please email me your addy at lisalgreer at yahoo dot com

If you don’t want your prize, please let me know, and I can redraw. Please contact me within 72 hours. I’ll email e-book winners today.

If you won an email prize, ie an e-book, and you didn’t leave your email, please email that to me or post it here.


1. Magnolian E-book winner 1– Heidi  **I’ll email it to you…
2. E-book winner 2–  Anna H. **I’ll email it to you…
3. E-book winner 3– Jennifer M. **I’ll email it to you…
4. Gift winner– Amy H.
5. Gift winner– Shena
6. Gift winner– Sandy

Thanks again for coming by! I’ll be having other give aways in the future, so if you didn’t win a copy this time, you might later on a guest blog post, etc. I hope you’ll check the book out. I appreciate it… ~Lisa

Magnolian Release Day Blog Party

Hi! I’m glad you stopped by. 🙂 Pull up a chair and grab your favorite drink– diet pepsi at this time of the morning for me anyway– and make your self comfortable.

I hope you’ll comment below once or as often as you’d like to be entered to win an e-book copy of Magnolian (in .pdf, Kindle version or other versions) or other gifts. I’ll announce the winners tomorrow afternoon after 12pm EST on the blog. Just reply with your mailing address or email address within 72 hours, and I’ll send your gifts along.

If you’d like, specify in your comment(s) the type of gift you prefer and I’ll try to comply with your wishes to the best of my ability if you’re a winner in the drawings. Some of the things I’ll be giving away:

— at least two copies of Magnolian
— travel sized bubble bath (1)
— Foot Works products (by Avon) (3)
— Earth Works Foot Lotion (1)
— Avon/assorted lip gloss and lipsticks (7)
— Sassy mineral eye shadow and other eye shadow (2)
— Bath and Body Works hand sanitizers (2)
— Bath and Body Works exotic coconut body spray (1)
— Sally Hanson nail polish (1)
— Mossimo sunglasses (1)
— vintage gothic romance novels (I have a bunch. Just let me know if that is your choice and specify an author. I might have a book that fits).

If you want to read more about the novel, click here:

More about Magnolian…

Thanks for coming by and making the debut special. 🙂

On Gothic Romance Deal Breakers

I picked up a newish gothic romance novel yesterday and got a few pages into it, hoping to read and review it for Gothicked (my gothic romance review blog). Then I put it down. I picked it back up and read to page ten and put it down again.

I thought about why for a minute, and here’s what I decided. It had a “deal breaker” in it– for me anyway. The deal breaker in this novel is that the heroine can see ghosts– lots of ghosts– and the narrator lets us know that by page two or maybe three.

For some reason, that’s not my cup of tea. I like my heroine to be surprised by a ghost (or two possibly) twenty-five or more pages in. I want seeing this ghost to scare her like it would scare me. It’s not something I’ve had happen everyday, and for some reason, I like my heroines (and heroes) to have similar experiences. Seeing ghosts as a hobby is not something I’m convinced by, I guess. And it’s just not as scary to know that the heroine is used to it.

So, the “I See Dead People” thing is a deal breaker for me when I read gothic romance. I might finish the novel, but I’ll be turning my nose up through much of it.

How about you? What’s your deal breaker in gothic romance or any other book genre?