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Q & A with George Wilhite

George Wilhite, author of On the Verge of Madness, talks about self-publisher vs. working with a publisher.

Wilhite has been an aficionado of the horror genre since his youth, discovering Poe and Lovecraft at an early age while also spending many summer nights at drive-in theaters watching the contemporary scene unfold. His stories have been published in numerous anthologies, genre magazines and web sites. He also serves as editor of Static Movement anthologies and reviews books for The Horror Review web site. He can find out more about him at:

Q: Why did you decide to self publish your debut collection of short fiction, On the Verge of Madness?

A: Essentially, just to get a book out. I was having some success with publishing individual stories, though still for little or no money, but no luck with a publisher willing to release a collection. I gathered up the stories I considered my best at the time and then looked for a common theme. All of the protagonists of the tales in the collection are at a crossroads in their various situations where they have two choices: the supernatural is real, or they are mad.

I decided, at least for this first time around, I would rather get a book at now on my own rather than continuing to submit to publishers.

Q: What were some of the struggles and rewards?

A: First of all, I have no talent in the area of graphic arts, so I knew I needed help with the cover. For a reasonable cost, the publisher, LuLu, provided a serviceable enough cover, but nothing extraordinary. To be honest, the most interesting element of the cover is the photography from my wife I offered as base material.

Then, of course, there was the editing. I didn’t have much money to spend so I just went over the manuscript several times myself, and my ever-patient wife did so a few times, and I also enlisted the help of some fellow writers.

While the process was all rather painstaking, it was worth the efforts to have an actual book to promote. That is the other element that requires a lot of work, sometimes for not the greatest rewards. I promote everything I publish, including “exposure only” web posts, on Facebook and Author’s Den.

I am still glad I self published the first time around because I have received eight very good reviews, which in turn provide more marketing opportunities, since readers like to see reviews on a book when they are deciding whether or not to buy it.

When Smashwords came around, it was also easy to use their vehicle to provide an ebook version of the collection.

Q: So the follow-up collection, Silhouette of Darkness is going to be published by Musa Publishing. How is it different working with a publisher?

A: Well, it’s different in just about every way. I had already been through the stories individually, and the manuscript as a whole, just as many times as I had with On the Verge before submitting it to Musa. The great thing now is that they will bring a fresh set of eyes to the final editing process and–thank goodness!–a talented artist to create a book cover. It is a great relief to let these specialists help make the book the best it can be and to tap into their existing marketing and distribution.

I am still early in the process. The initial release date is November 16, 2012. But so far, I am very pleased with the staff. It seems that Musa is a well organized and mutually supportive group of writers.

Q: How can readers keep in touch with you?

I am just starting up my blog at:

Note from Lisa: Silhouette of Darkness is out now at Musa Publishing. I own a copy. 🙂 And here’s the Amazon link:


Sorrowmoor Kickstarter! Help Fund Historical Gothic Romance Serials for just a Buck…or More

Sorrowmoor Kickstarter! Help Fund Historical Gothic Romance Serials for just a Buck…or More.

Sorrowmoor Kickstarter! Help Fund Historical Gothic Romance Serials for just a Buck…or More

I’m doing something different…a Kickstarter project. I really enjoy writing serials, and I like rolling them out as serials were meant to be done: in quick succession. The goal I’ve set for funding is where it needs to be to cover the rewards, cover art, editing, formatting and other expenses. And it is pretty reasonable for a Kickstarter project goal from what I can tell. I want to have enough money to complete the project in a way I’m happy with in a timely manner, and most importantly, to give value to readers.

That isn’t always possible unless as an author, I have control over the publishing process. That’s where my project Sorrowmoor comes in. I’m planning at least 20 serials over the course of 2013. My motto is under-promise and over-deliver in terms of what I’ve outlined for the serials. So, it’s likely I’ll have more than 20 serials or that they’ll be lengthier than the minimum of 2000 words each. These will land in backers’ inboxes (unless backers don’t want them in that format), and I’ll also put the serials in a combined e-book edition with a fabulous cover and a print edition that looks equally great. I’m planning lots of other cool stuff, too!

So, how can you get some good reads and back the project? If you have a dollar, that’s a start. There are all sorts of levels to back the project at, so please take a look. If you don’t like gothic romance, you can support the project and gift your rewards to a friend who will enjoy these serials. It’s like a year-round Christmas gift. 🙂

I appreciate the backing I have so far, and I’m really excited about this project! Check it out if you have a minute, and tell a friend who might enjoy reading these stories. You can see the video about Sorrowmoor and learn more here:

Thank you all for reading and supporting my endeavors as a working writer! 🙂

The Super Spies Halloween Party!

Hello Everyone! Welcome to the Super Spies Halloween Party! We’re giving away a KINDLE FIRE by playing a game called “Bobbing for Books” and here’s how you enter to win!

The first way to enter is by tweeting and Facebook sharing about the event and posting the tweet or share at Lisa Cole Orchard’s blog. That’s the main site where all the comments, etc. should be:

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The second way to enter is by purchasing one of the participating authors books and posting the title and confirmation code at the link I just posted. This purchase counts as two entries, so if a contestant buys two books, they are entered four times in the giveaway. :)

The winner will be announced on October 30th.

****Please be aware that the KINDLE FIRE will be gifted from Amazon and sent directly from there. Therefore, if the winner receives a damaged prize, myself and the participating authors are not held liable for any damages. The winner must work with Amazon to get a replacement.

Now let the tweeting and sharing begin! Good luck to all of you! This is going to be a fun party! Head to the link to check out all the books and buy any of the ones you see at my website to enter, too!



Thanks and good luck! ~Lisa

Vanessa North: New Release

I’m excited to share Vanessa North’s new release with you:

The Ushers, Book One: Amazon

Buy Link

Jack’s routine investigation of rogue wolf sightings threatens to uncover both Bianca’s secrets and her passionate nature. Can she trust him enough to make the sacrifice her destiny demands?


Born albino, Bianca was spared death in infancy when her mother found safe haven among the ghosts and misfits of Amazon Pack. As Guardian of Amazon, she protects the hidden pack with a ferocity that belies her delicate appearance.

Jack’s routine investigation of rogue wolf sightings in his territory uncovers both Bianca’s secrets and her passionate nature. He finds her alluring and terrifying: he’s convinced she’s his mate, but is she also the Usher–key to their culture’s most sacred prophecies?

The Usher’s destiny requires a sacrifice to repair a rift in wolf culture and set the Goddess free. Can Jack and Bianca trust each other enough to pay that price?


Bianca pulled her v-neck t-shirt over her head, shucking off her shoes and jeans. Jack immediately started shedding his clothes as well. Growing up among wolves, he’d never really given much thought to nudity. Their bodies grew in size as they shifted, so he was accustomed to stripping down before a run in order to preserve his wardrobe.

He glanced over at the Albina as she shook her hair out. Standing in the moonlight, she was stunning. He saw her delicate pink nipples were still hard and aroused from his kiss. The curls of hair on her mound were as fair as her hair, and he saw the delicate pink folds glistening, swollen with arousal, peeking through the white curls. Her beauty was astounding.

He saw marks on her skin, leaned closer to examine them. Tattoos, he realized. All wolves were tattooed after their first shift. Most of them were tattooed in black ink with colors for emphasis, but several of hers were done in white. As befits Albina, he thought as he admired the elegant symbols. Her entire back was covered, here and there a shadow in grey? or a bit of color drawing attention to some of the more consequential tattoos. Clearly, she was a powerful Guardian for her pack–she’d not have been tattooed so many times without having achieved her place of power by virtue of her skills.

As she turned to fold her discarded clothes, he could see some scars on her body, remnants of fights won. The tattoos glimmered in the dark, beckoning him to trace them with his fingers, his tongue. He groaned, and she looked over her shoulder at him with a smile.

“Kathy has changed already, are you ready?” she asked, turning to stare at his body in the moonlight. Hard and muscled everywhere, his upper body hairy and tattooed all over. She looked at his signs and symbols of strength and honor, a visual representation of his place in his pack. They confirmed that he was a fit mate for her–his beautiful body bore scars of fights clearly dominated, and the tattoos that marked him as a leader curled around them.

She smiled, her gaze lingering at the proof of his arousal, standing proudly from the bed of black curls at the top of his legs. She blushed slightly as she realized he had followed her gaze. He grinned back at her with a wink as he sank to his knees.

She had seen many wolves shift before. However, she found herself curiously watching him, to see if her mate–there was no longer a doubt in her mind that he was indeed her mate—would seem different from those others.

It was sensual, witnessing his change–his body shook and he turned his head with a loud cracking noise. He owned his change like only a powerful wolf could–it was masterful, graceful almost, as his black fur grew over his body. Then he sat, watching her, a huge black wolf with golden-brown eyes. He was resplendent. She knelt next to him, still in her human form, and caressed between his ears. His fur was soft and his eyes kind. He closed them and rolled his head into her hand like a dog seeking a touch from his mistress. His essential masculine scent still surrounded him in his animal form, and as she stroked his head, he snorted and his tongue lolled out between sharp lethal teeth to lap at her hand. She loved the feel of his fur between her fingers, and he clearly enjoyed her attentions. But then he shook his head, took a couple of steps towards the woods and whined back at her. If they were mated, they’d be able to read each other’s thoughts, as pack-mates could, and even more than that, they’d be able to share their feelings through their mate bond. But even without that bond, she could sense his eagerness to run.

She grinned and let loose her wolf, feeling the change work over her, bringing forward the animal, tucking the woman away inside.

Vanessa North was born in New England but moved to the South as a teenager, where she learned to appreciate biscuits and gravy, bluegrass, and that most welcome of greetings: “Hey y’all!”

She has a degree in Mass Communication, but has long since abandoned journalism in favor of writing romance. Instead of telling the news, V would rather tell stories. Vanessa has a voracious appetite for books and loves all kinds. She writes obsessively: every day brings new ideas and stories to tell. When she’s not buried in a book—hers or someone else’s—you can find her taking thousands of photographs of the people she loves.

She lives in Northwest Georgia with her handsome husband, not-quite-civilized twin boy-children, and a pack of dogs.

Learn more about Vanessa North on her and

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